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GreatMedias allows you to streamline your PR campaigns. Spend less time on routine tasks and more on what you do the best in your field and let GreatMedias do the rest.

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No more spreadsheet and endless databases and contect monitoring. With GreatMedias you can send your content directly to your selected medias through the platform.

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Publish news releases, images on a responsive, SEO-friendly newsroom, while instantly sharing your stories through emails to your selected medias and social medias.


Your PR All At GreatMedias

Send your Press Release directly to medias through GreatMedias

Choose the Right Medias

Choose the right medias that you would like to pitch your company or story.

Send Your Pitch

Prepare your Press Release or Invite and send your pitch to the selected medias.

Monitor Your Coverage

Monitor the media results of your press activities or submissions manually.

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